Alka Power – 3 Day Alkaline Cleanse

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I was introduced to Alka Power late last year and was interested to try an alkaline water to see if I could tell the difference between it and normal tap water.alka-power-bottles-new

Alka Power is the first natural ionic mineral alkaline water with the highest, stable pH level of 9->10 (most alkaline waters in the Australian market are a pH of 7 to 8.2 at the source and have an unstable pH). Alka Power is Australian made and owned and has more than 10 active ionic minerals, which is nearly 100 times more alkaline and more efficient in hydrating and absorption than any other.

In the interests of full disclosure, I didn’t physically check the pH level myself so I can only go by what the Alka Power company say in regards to the pH level of their brand.

I have been reading about the benefits of an alkaline diet and have read that as a result of the acidic foods and drinks that we consume and the loss of electrolytes through daily activity our bodies are constantly being challenged to remain balanced, perform effectively and stay hydrated. This is why I was interested to see how I would feel after trialling the diet for 3 days and drinking Alka Power water to support the pH levels in my body.

3 Day Alkaline Cleanse

I set myself the challenge and took to Instagram and Facebook to hold myself accountable and to share my feelings. We have an amazing community of followers who were with me every step of the way and gave me encouragement and advice when I was detoxing from my regular diet.

End of DAY 1 thoughts:

I wasn’t really prepared to start the cleanse today (I decided today was the day on a whim!) so had to do a massive shop to get food to eat! I was really hungry all day but had a good dinner so am feeling much better.

No headaches or sick feelings but the kids annoyed me! Not sure if it was due to them just being annoying or me having a lesser tolerance! All in all an alright day, I’m trying to drink 1.5L per day but that’s hard!

End of DAY 2 thoughts:

So, today started out well with a delicious smoothie and salads for lunch.

But, I have a huge headache now and don’t really feel like dinner. It was a HOT day today and I don’t think I drank enough because I don’t feel good!

Maybe my body is detoxing with no sugar etc. I’m not sure but this isn’t fun.

End of DAY 3 thoughts:

At around 9 this morning my headache finally went away (I did have some panadol because I was miserable) and then I was just drained. Just incredibly tired all day.

My blood sugar plummeted mid afternoon and I was feeling really unwell so I had two pieces of toast with Vegemite and felt so much better. Back to normal.

I just thought, what am I doing? I’m hungry. I don’t feel good. Why? I chose not to have any sugar and I will continue with that and to try and be aware of my choices and not have huge amounts of processed foods. I have liked drinking the Alka Power water and will keep you updated on my progress!


I think that overall I went really well and I enjoyed drinking the Alka Water. The Alka Power water was easy to drink and tastes good (it does taste different to tap water, but I like it!). I didn’t drink enough on the second day of the cleanse and I paid the price so have been trying to drink a 1.5L bottle per day! I have continued to eliminate any sugar in my diet but have had limited bread and dairy. I have been battling with a head cold / cough / hayfever recently so I can’t comment on my energy levels since finishing the cleanse but I am sure that I have to be feeling better with all the whole foods I have been eating and the water I have been drinking.


Want to try Alka Power?

Alka Power comes in 600ml – $2.50 each and 1.5 litre bottle – $3.50 each and is stocked in over 800 Woolworth’s supermarkets nationwide as well as Harris Farm Markets, Thomas Dux Grocers, Vitamin king, QE Food Stores, About Life and Go Vita stores. A full stock list is available here.

We are giving away 12 x 600ml bottles to one of our readers so that you can try it yourself! If you would like to win, please email and tell us why you would like to win!

Entries close on 16/01/2017 at 8pm AEST. Good luck!

For more information about Alka Power visit:

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