Founded in August 2014, Kidding Around Australia is a multi-faceted media platform with an engaged audience.

Georgina and Tim are passionate travellers who have lived in 4 countries and explored 33. Kidding Around Australia follows our life at home and on the road as we create precious memories with our daughter, Alegría and son, Isaac.


Georgina – Georgina was bitten by the travel bug years ago and has explored 30 countries and lived in 4. She loves engaging in different communities and cultures and is happiest researching, planning and enjoying holidays with her family. Georgina has featured in numerous TV commercials and programs as an actress and loves seeing live theatre. Georgina gets horrendous travel sickness so if you have a cure that won’t make her sleepy please let her know!

Tim – Tim loves extreme sports! He loves snowboarding and is always on the lookout for his next adrenaline adventure. Tim is spontaneous and loves just jumping in the car and hitting the road. Tim’s a hands-on Dad and loves spending time with his children – even if that means going on the kids rides.


Alegría – Alegría is six years old and loves to be amongst the action. This little girl has a thirst for knowledge and asks endless questions. Alegría has featured in advertising campaigns and loves animals, arts and crafts, exploring nature and being a princess!

Isaac – Isaac is always moving! He is four years old and loves being outside and going on an adventure. Much like his big sister, Isaac takes after their Dad and isn’t scared to give anything a try! Isaac is featured in the 2015 Anne Geddes calendar.


We are surrounded by like-minded people who, from time to time, will accompany us on our adventures! Especially if we think that you might benefit from the opinion of different age groups. So, don’t be surprised if you see grandparents, friends and older children kidding around with us!

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  1. Thank you so much. The kids are beyond excited that we won tickets to the Easter Egg Hunt. Hopefully we will see you there!! S.Louise


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