Kidding Around In … The Northern Territory

We are very excited to spend 12 days discovering the Northern Territory!

Flying with Jetstar, we arrived into Darwin at 12.25am after a relatively uneventful flight. We had braced ourselves for the flight from hell as our departure time was 9.25pm – 2 1/2 hours after bedtime.

Watching our Jetstar airplane to pull up to Gate 28!

However, we didn’t need to worry as our little travellers handled it with ease and promptly went to sleep for the majority of the flight.

Don't you just love them a little bit more when they are asleep!?
Don’t you just love them a little bit more when they are asleep!?

We were met at the airport by Alexandra (Georgina’s sister who lives in Katherine) who took us to Tim’s brother Shane and his family’s house who live in Darwin where we all stayed the night.


We will spend 12 days Kidding Around Darwin and Katherine and cannot wait to share all the awesome things we do in the Northern Territory!

Kidding Around With … The Royal Melbourne Show

DSC_3518For two weeks leading up to the Royal Melbourne Show, Alegría read the show guide every. single. day! She was just so excited to go and when the big morning came she woke up and said “It’s a great day today, it’s Show Day!” I hope she never loses her enthusiasm!


Our first stop is always the Jayco Animal Nursery but it seemed that everyone had that idea, so we headed to My Backyard for some outdoor fun!


There was rock painting and bird feeder making (we will do another post with tutorial for you to try at home). Isaac loved getting his hands dirty planting a seedling to take home. We now have parsley and a tomato plant in our vegetable garden! This area also had a wooden maze and pirate ship which was fun for the kids to run around in.

Alegría making a bird feeder
The artists at work
Getting soil for our seedlings

Alegria was fascinated by the bees and the bee keeper was fantastic at explaining responsible bee keeping, who the Queen bee was, what the worker bees do, how long everyone lives, where the babies were and of course how they get the honey out!

Busy Bees

Alegría says

The Queen bee had white wings and the bee keeper gave me some honey to put on my toast!

This area was fantastic; a respite from the crowds that surround it. Best of all, everything in this area is free!


We then headed to the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion for lunch. Despite the crowds we were served, and got our food, quickly and without hassle. There were no complaints with the quality! It did take some stalking time to get a table and like seagulls to a hot chip our table was gone again as soon as we stood up!


Alegría had show bags on her mind and settled on a Barbie showbag which cost $25 and included a bag, skirt, headbands, drink bottle, games, necklace and other Barbie merchandise. Isaac knows no better (sorry Isaac!) so he got a $1 Blinky Bill show bag and we had more money to spend on games and rides!

Alegría and Isaac both had a go on the clowns, Alegría got a doll and necklace and Isaac a toy motorbike – she was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a giant teddy but our playroom at home was thankful not to have another toy to collect dust!


Our family tradition is always the Euro Slide. Yes, we take the kids on there and yes, we hold on tightly! Both Alegría and Isaac laugh heartwarming belly laughs all the way down and as soon as we were at the bottom Isaac declared “more” and off we were again!


It was then time to go to our most favourite Show attraction – the Jayco Animal Nursery!


We do believe that every animal got a pat or a cuddle from a member of our family!



It was almost time to go but before we left we visited the Kids Carnival for one last ride! Georgina sat this one out and Tim being the awesome Dad that he is took Alegría and Isaac on a hot air balloon ride.



It was all fun and games until… Isaac had finally had enough! It was a big day for a little boy and also for one little girl who was asleep before we left the car park!

There is just so much on offer at the Royal Melbourne Show and try as we might we are yet to see everything in one day! We think next year we will have to go for two days – once with the kids and once without!



Days and Times: Vary from year to year – generally in the Victorian September School Holidays


The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
Melbourne Showgrounds
Epsom Road Ascot Vale
VIC 3032

Cost: Adult $36, Concession $23, Child $18 and Family $82


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