Back To Berry – Bushfire Recovery

We saw the glow of the flames during Black Saturday on the 7th February, 2009. Five years later, on February 9th, 2014, the property where I grew up and where my parent’s live burned in fires that spread over 22,900 hectares of land, destroyed over 20 homes and more than 2,000 kilometres of fencing, and killed more than 14,000 sheep and hundreds of cattle.

fire 4fire 8

In January, 2020 the world watched as the South East coast of Australia burned. The statistics are horrifying. 18.6 million hectares destroyed along with 2,779 homes, more than 30 people and an estimated one billion animals killed. The cost of dealing with the bush fires is expected to exceed the A$4.4 billion of the 2009 Black Saturday fires and tourism sector revenues have fallen more than A$1 billion. Every day people are hurting. Physically, emotionally and financially.

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant. To ask yourself “What can I do to help?” The answer is relatively simple. Volunteer, donate, buy and visit. Tim and I have been on a small business online spending spree. We have purchased clothing, sauce and soap. We’ve booked accommodation for the holidays and tickets to attractions. We are making a small but significant difference.


Towns like Berry on the NSW South Coast have told us that they are well and truly open for business and visitors are invited to come back for a visit, and soon!

country road

We are no strangers to the area having visited the NSW South Coast in 2016 and loved it! You can read our blog HERE and we can’t wait to get #backtoberry and explore everything that Berry has to offer. It looks pretty spectacular.

Grain Silo

Berry is just over two hours from Sydney and Canberra (so flying in makes it really accessible if you are from interstate and don’t want to drive the entire way).


Steeped in history and the first truly rural town south of Sydney, Berry effortlessly combines breathtaking countryside with boutique shopping and cafes that have something for everyone.

street 1farmers markets

We love spending time outdoors and nature is at its finest in Berry no matter the season – in autumn the trees turn gold and amber, in winter the cool crisp air lures you to a welcoming fire, in spring the gardens are a feast for the senses and in summer it’s just ten minutes to spectacular Seven Mile Beach and the national park.

Beach Sunrise

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Communities across Australia like Berry need our support. They need us to visit. To buy from small businesses. To come back.

What are you waiting for? To find out more and plan your visit go to and follow @berrynsw on Instagram and Facebook.

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