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We have spoken about PeriCoach before on the blog and each time we discuss pelvic floor health we have an overwhelming response from women reaching out and talking about this very important issue.

I’m always a little nervous bringing up the subject because this is predominantly a travel, parenting and lifestyle blog but what I have come to learn is that if women are constantly worried about their weak pelvic floor, then they are not going to enjoy Kidding Around with their family.

And we can’t have that.

I’m actually very lucky and have pretty good pelvic floor muscles even though I never do any exercises to maintain them. I know many of you are not as fortunate, which makes me embarrassed that I am taking my health for granted when things can (and do) change over time.

The thing is we all know that we should be doing our pelvic floor exercises but how many of us actually do them as often as we should and in the correct way?

This is why I am interested in the PeriCoach system. It’s like having a personal trainer for your pelvic floor, providing feedback on your session and motivation to get those exercises done (it will even give you a reminder if you forget)!

The PeriCoach system is not a gimmick. It’s an Australian medical device – developed with support from a clinical advisory board of specialists in urogynaecology, gynaecology and pelvic physiotherapy and is manufactured in Australia. It has attracted a lot of interest from clinicians who work with patients with weak pelvic floor muscles or sexual dysfunction.


The actual PeriCoach device contains sensors that (after being calibrated to your body) measure the strength of your pelvic floor contractions. It then connects via bluetooth to an Apple or Android app on your phone. This data helps you to keep track of your progress and if you need help or advice, you can share your “workouts” with a healthcare professional that is registered and working with PeriCoach.

If you need to work in conjunction with a healthcare professional you can use the Find a Clinician page on the PeriCoach website to help you locate a health professional who has tested and is recommending the device. You will definitely find someone near you – I was surprised at how many professionals there are! Or you might like to do what I did and get your system online and start working out immediately.

The sessions themselves are short (just two minutes) and you start at the beginner level and work your way up from there. The exercises are easy, the app will tell you when to squeeze and when to relax and you can do it lying down or standing up. I’ve been using it for just over a month and my muscles are stronger!


So, if you are like me and you have been avoiding starting a pelvic floor exercise routine, then the time to take your health seriously is now!


The PeriCoach is $229 at the moment which is a saving of more than 20% off RRP! PLUS if you use our discount code you will save another 10%!

Our discount code for you to receive 10% off is KAAPC16

The PeriCoach is available online or through your pelvic health specialist. Once you’ve purchased the device, you can download the smartphone app and set up your device. For more discussion about PeriCoach, head to the PeriCoach Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “PeriCoach Review – Kidding Around Essentials

  1. Like these reminders, even when I don’t like being reminded about this topic. I called about Physio’s or therapists that support the Peri Coach in the Geelong area, and unfortunately nothing…has there been any changes?


    1. You really looked lovely and your hubby looked very handsome. What a beautiful, beautiful couple you make. I loved your decor, you have such good taste. Your dress was very, very stylish – suited you to the T. I am so pleased for the both of you. Enjoy your honeymoon and I wish you plenty, plenty years of much love and hapsenisp..-= Fairy Girl´s last blog .. =-.


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