Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N – Review

ATTENTION CADETS! Do you have what it takes to be a S.H.I.E.L.D operative?  Are you smarter than Iron Man or Hulk? Are you worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer? Are you a massive Avengers fan?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is a must visit attraction in Melbourne!


Located in Federation Square (although not really in the “square” – you will need to walk along the river to get to the “paddock”), Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is an immersive experience and exhibition showcasing the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



We really enjoyed exploring the extensive range of Avengers operation equipment such as Captain America’s uniform and shield, Iron Man’s MK 45 suit, The Hulkbuster suit and Thor’s mighty hammer and seeing original costumes from the movies.



The interactive games were a huge hit, we tested our strength against the Marvel heroes (we were not quite in the league of Hulk), we fought the bad guys on the touch screen, participated in the Thor-inspired Bifröst Bridge simulation and the kids’ favourite? The  virtual reality Iron Man game, which scans the player’s body, dresses them in an Iron Man suit and then sends them into battle against evil robots!



Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. 5.jpg

Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. 11.jpg

So, what are you waiting for? Your mission: To delve into the history, science, engineering, genetics, technology and profiles of Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man and many more. Good luck Cadet!

Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. 12.jpg

Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. closes on July 15, 2018.


For more information or to book, click

The Hunting of the Snark – Review

The Hunting of The Snark4

If you are looking for something fun to do these school holidays, then head to the Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio from July 11 – 15 and you could go on a hunt for the legendary Snark.

If you, like us, have no idea what a Snark is or what it looks like, it might help to know that it comes from the magical imagination of Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll.

The Hunting of the Snark at Arts Centre Melbourne- smaller high resolution

Don’t worry, you won’t be hunting on your own! You will be joined five high-energy actors and a puppet who will take you on a musical comedy adventure in The Hunting of the Snark.


On the journey to Snark Island you will meet a Boy, his Banker father who is so rich he puts diamonds on his cereal, a knitting Beaver, a funny Baker who can’t remember his name, a crazy Butcher who has an appetite for exotic animals and a Bellman who is the world expert on Snarks!


You will also get to know some larger-than-life characters such as the colourful Jub Jub Bird, a tricksy Bandersnatch who will steal literally anything (including your father’s favourite underwear), and the terrifying Boojum who with one touch ‘can softly and suddenly vanish you away’. Luckily for us, we survived and we’re sure you will too!

The Hunting of the Snark  Gallery 02

The Hunting of the Snark is designed for four to 94-year-olds. It is funny, witty and will entertain the kids and provide animated tales to tell for show and tell next week!


Friday 13 July and Sunday 15 July: 10am, 12.30pm
Thursday 12 July, Saturday 1 4 July and Sunday 15 July: 10am, 12pm and 3pm


For more information or to book visit or phone 1300 182 183.

Wild Buggy – Review

If you haven’t been to Wild Buggy Driving Adventure Park then you need to put it on your list for the school holidays, or the weekend, or for birthday parties, or anytime really … just put it on your list of things to do!


Wild Buggy is a purpose-built adventure track in Melbourne where kids aged 5+ can take a drive on the wild side and conquer over 30 hardcore obstacles!

On arrival we were given a safety briefing and then fitted with hairnets and helmets before hitting the track!

Wild Buggy 5.jpg

Each non-licensed (5yr+) driver is accompanied by an instructor in a dual-control buggy to assist in turning, braking and acceleration and to guide them through the Wild Buggy track. The instructors are fantastic and fully engage with the kids – we know this because we had a GoPro in the buggy and we just loved watching the kids interacting with their instructor.


After the kids had their turns, Tim and I also went for a spin! All licensed drivers (P+) enjoy full control over their buggies whilst being accompanied by an instructor. Tim and I are daredevils (I wonder where the kids get it from?!) so we may have heard “slow up around this corner” just a few times!

Wild Buggy 6.jpg

We didn’t need to worry about our safety though, the Wild Buggy Tomcar is an Australian-manufactured vehicle that is in active military service today. They are built like a tank and designed to be parachuted out of a plane and survive! They are even able to drive on a 53 degree slanted wall and the purpose-built off-road track and obstacles are designed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the buggies!


We definitely took a ride on the wild side and we all cannot wait to return! Alegría and Isaac was living every little wild child’s dream and you couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces. They were beaming!


Please note: Wild Buggy is driving course only, with a small cafe and no extra activities located onsite. It’s the perfect place to start your adventurous day out!

Stay tuned for our Wild Buggy video! It will be released very soon!


Wild Buggy
433-453 Boundary Rd
Heatherton, VIC
P: 1300 945 328

Sports Chiller Drink Bottle – Smash Enterprises Review

Exciting news! We are now officially Smash Enterprises and Nude Food Movers Ambassadors so we will be sharing with you some to their products and how you can use them to make your life easier. When it comes to making school lunches, we are all for easier!

Over the past week, we have been trialling the new Smash Sports Chiller drink bottle (which has just launched exclusively in Coles for $10 RRP) – I don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of drink bottles around here!


The top features of the Smash Sports Chiller are the dual wall insulation that keeps drinks 2.5 times colder than regular reusable plastic drink bottles. We trialed the Smash regular drink bottles as well, and surprisingly we did find that the drinks stayed colder. I can’t wait to use them in summer where I am sure we will really enjoy the difference.

The Sports Chiller also has a sweat free design which boasts about it’s no condensation feature – this means no more funky, wet bags for school! It’s easy to clean because of the wide opening (which is also good for popping in ice cubes) and is light weight and squeezable even for the smallest of hands.

Isaac Smash

There is a one-way performance valve which allows for fast flow and no leaks. We did a little leak test of our own, just to test! We trialled 4 bottles, and one of them leaked a little bit when we tipped the bottle upside down and jiggled it as hard as we could. When we tipped it up and just held it there it didn’t leak. What is so great about Smash, is that if there is a problem they fix it immediately – so never worry about your warranty.


Whilst we have you here, as Nude Food Day Ambassadors, we wanted to let you know about their Nude Food Grant School Program where they are giving away $10,000 to schools, classes and students! Applications are now open and close on 22/6/18. For further information and register visit

What are your must-have features for a drink bottle?

More information on the whole Smash range can be found at

nude fruit-group

STOMP, Melbourne – A Review



STOMP is back in Melbourne this week, and it will have you stamping your feet, clapping your hands and laughing until your cheeks hurt!

Alegria and I loved watching the eight performers use non-traditional instruments to thump out an explosively feel-good rhythm, although you need to be warned – the show is LOUD!


For 90 minutes (there’s no interval), we were tapping our toes and wondering what they were going to do next! It really is amazing that a musical that doesn’t include any traditional instruments and is wordless could be, in fact, a musical. But it really is!


One thing is for sure, I promise you will never look at supermarket trolleys, Zippo lighters, plastic bags and garbage can lids or even the kitchen sink the same way ever again!


If you want to see what all the noise is about, then click on for more details!

Where: The Comedy Theatre, Melbourne
When: 1 – 6 May 2018 – 8 performances
Book: or call Ticketmaster 1300 889 278

Splash Test Dummies (by Trash Test Dummies) at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

If you think that the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is just for adults, then think again!

crash test dummies splash test dummies

We saw the the Splash Test Dummies (Trash Test Dummies) and they were so funny and seriously talented!


The award-winning circus trio Jack Coleman, Jamie Bretman and Simon Wright are three lifeguards who will meet you out in the line and make sure you have sun protection before they set out to save you with their trademark blend of slapstick side-splitting circus, acrobatic, juggling, stunt work and imaginative comedy.


Young and old were laughing until our cheeks hurt, there are bucket loads of audience participation, songs like the Baywatch theme song, Octopus’s Garden, Rubber Ducky and I’m too Sexy, unicycles, shadow puppetry, ping pong balls and water! We promise that it’s family friendly and the kids will LOVE it!


We have a special code for you! When buying tickets, type in SPLASH for 2 for 1. Happy days!

When: 1pmSaturday 31 March – Sunday 15 April (Shows every day except Wednesday 11th April)

Where: Melbourne Town Hall – Lower Town Hall, Swantston Street, Melbourne
Cost: $20-25, click here to book




Wooden Fairy Story Discs – DIY with Ryobi Australia!

This post is in collaboration with Ryobi Australia

Alegria and Isaac love to play outside! There is nothing better than seeing their imaginations run wild whilst getting a great big dose of fresh air and being in nature! In an age where kids are spending more time on devices, we have been making a concerted effort to swap screen time for green time. To achieve this, we we visit national parks in our local area, go to playgrounds and spend time in our garden.

We have put aside a little area in the backyard, under some trees and in amongst the flowers, for a fairy garden. One of Alegria’s favourite things to do in the fairy garden is to play with our homemade wooden story discs. Wooden story discs, similar to story stones, are great as story-telling prompts for narrative play. They are fun, easy to make and your kids will love them!

If this is your first DIY project, here are my Top 5 Tips to get you on your way! You don’t need to feel intimidated by DIY, there are many projects that require very little in the way of skill, tools or materials.


  1. Pick a simple DIY design – you don’t want to be overwhelmed and never finish. Save the instructions or take a screen shot on your phone for easy reference.
  2. Make sure you get some essential safety gear – safety glasses and hearing protection are a must. Gloves are handy as well!
  3. Ask for help – expert advice is available at stores like Bunnings Warehouse or local hardware stores. Ask your friends, you will be surprised at the hidden skills people have!
  4. Get prepared – make sure you have all the tools and materials you need before you begin. You don’t want to have to stop half way to pop down to the shops again!
  5. Set aside time to DIY – I often work on my projects when the kids are playing in the backyard. They come and check out what I am doing, have a go (if it’s safe) and then go back to playing. It’s amazing how much knowledge they pick up by observing you and participating, where appropriate.


As I said, wooden story discs are easy to make, and even easier when you have the right tools!

For the wooden story discs, we stopped by Bunnings and picked out some Ryobi Tools to make the job easier. Isaac was in little boy heaven!

Ryobi Kidding Around Australia 20

Obviously we had a specific idea of what we were using the tools for, however, we have found that we use them all the time for various DIY jobs and for even lighting the Weber BBQ!

If you are a beginner, don’t be scared! Each tool comes with an instruction manual and there are also online tutorials on how to use all the Ryobi tools on Ryobi TV.



  • 64 x 19 mm 3.0 m length of timber
  • Various rubber stamps (we chose fairy themed but you can choose anything!)
  • Versamark ink
  • Embossing powder




Before cutting your timber, do a quick measurement to make sure your stamps will fit! Mark out where you want to make your cuts along the timber.

Ryobi Kidding Around Australia 8.jpg

Ryobi Kidding Around Australia 12.jpg



Always remember your safety protection (safety glasses and hearing protection at a minimum) and get cutting! The Ryobi 2000W 254mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw With Laser was easy to use, and I highly recommend getting the stand. The saw has just enough safety precautions that you know you won’t cut off a finger (always a bonus!) and not too many that makes using it cumbersome. The laser makes cutting a straight line, exactly where you want it, a breeze!



Now that you have your little bits of timber, it’s time to shape them! You could use a pencil to mark out the basic shape you want your discs to be or be like us and see what shape it becomes! Alegria really loved helping out with this task. With the right safety equipment and supervision, there is no reason not to include your kids in your DIY tasks!


We used the Ryobi 200W Corded Multi Tool Kit sanding attachment and rounded the corners off the timber pieces. We used a vice to hold our discs (and an old sock as the vice was marking our timber!) and smoothed all of the edges so that they were safe for even the littlest of fairies.

Ryobi Kidding Around Australia

The Multi Tool is such a handy tool to have, although in hindsight, I would have used the Ryobi 370W Belt and Disc Sander as this was a job that took a long time! The Belt and Disc Sander would definitely be faster!




Using your chosen rubber stamps, coat the stamp with Versamark ink and stamp it onto your wooden disc. Make sure you are very careful and don’t move the stamp once it is on the wood or the embossing powder will stick to it and ruin your image!

Ryobi Kidding Around Australia 15.jpg


As soon as you have stamped your wooden disc, you need to sprinkle embossing powder on it. You need to be quick as you don’t want the ink to dry as your powder won’t stick!


Don’t waste your powder – pour the excess back into your container or use a piece of paper folded in half as a funnel.


Activating the embossing powder is for adults only! Let me say that again! The heat gun is HOT so the kids need to step away!
Ryobi Kidding Around Australia 17.jpg
Now that they are at a safe distance, heat the embossing powder until it begins to change. It sort of bubbles and melts. The Ryobi 2000W Corded Heat Gun has a red light so that you can target specific spots and you don’t burn anything. The silver end gets hot, so be careful after you have finished to avoid burns. The gun itself is easy to use and as I said earlier Tim uses it to light his Weber BBQ all the time so it is a handy addition to your tool box.


The kids can use the wooden story discs however they chose! There’s no right or wrong way to play!

If you are looking for ideas, the kids can use the discs for:

Math Play: The discs can be used in sorting or grouping activities. Children can count how many people (or fairies), animals or food items they have or make shapes by lining up the discs into circles, squares and even in long lines.

Story Telling: Children can tell a story based on a single image or use another disc to further the story. Children can do this independently or as a group taking it in turns to tell a story or add another sentence to the group story.

Imaginative Play:  The discs don’t have to be used exclusively in the garden, they can be used as:

  • obstacles on the car or train track
  • characters in the dollhouse
  • guests at a tea party

Of course, there are many ways your children will find to play with these wooden story discs and you can put what ever images you like on them so they can be tailored to your child’s interests.


Acknowledgements – This post was brought to you in collaboration with Ryobi Australia. Kidding Around Australia were supplied with the tools required for this project and as always our opinions are our own.

Please note all details quoted are correct at the time of publishing. All details are subject to change without notice and Kidding Around Australia takes no responsibility for information contained in this post. Please check the appropriate website to ensure that information is still correct and current.


Kinglake Forest Adventures – Treetops Experience

It’s not very often that you find a fun, different activity that the WHOLE family enjoys but that is exactly what we discovered when we went to Kinglake Forest Adventures!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 1.jpg

For 2 hours, we joined the experienced leaders who guided us (and the rest of our group) on how best to tackle the Zipline, Freefall Starter, Freefall Advanced, Tree Climbs, “The Triangle” peak challenge and the competitive “Centre Fall”.


Everyone (adventurers and spectators included) are supplied with a hard hat to enter the Treetops zone, which for us included Georgina’s Mum and Dad along with our friend Payno, who you can all thank for our photos as we were having way too much fun to take photos!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 6.jpg

After being fitted with our helmets and safety harnesses, we had a go balancing on the slacklines, throwing the frisbee and playing with the hackey sacks whilst we waited for everyone to be ready. We then travelled along the rope bridge to home tree to get instruction on the zipline (or flying fox).


For some it was as simple as running off the platform (hello Isaac!) and for others (hello Mumma!) it was a gradual process to slowly get off the platform. We were amazed at the kids who were going backwards, upside down and all manner of other positions!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 12.jpg

After the zipline, we attempted the freefall but it’s safe to say that we need a few more visits to muster up our bravery!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 7.jpg

The staff are masters at encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zones and really take note about the individual journeys everyone is on throughout the day. They love seeing visitors try something new or challenging and succeed!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 13

We watched other members of our group have a go at “The Triangle” peak challenge – it’s not just the staff that take note when someone is trying to master a challenge, it’s everyone who cheers them on and joins in the celebration when success occurs!


The climbs were fun for everyone, Isaac worked hard to ring the bell at the top of the tree climb and Alegria enjoyed all of the challenges that she had a go at! Some were easy, some were hard but it was great to see both of the kids push themselves to achieve their goals.

Kinglake Forest Adventures 15

It was after this, we headed to the “Centre Fall” for a game of tug-o-wall 8 metres above the ground. The climb to the platform was too challenging for Alegria and Isaac, and Tim politely declined so it was up to me to take up the challenge!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 14.jpg

I have to say, I went up the pole like a rat up a drain pipe, but when it came time to step out on the tiny platform (it’s about as big as my two feet together) one foot made it, and the other refused to leave the safety of the pole! It is really interesting to see how everyone reacts to fear – my mind was simply telling me that it wasn’t safe (even though I knew it was) so I couldn’t get my foot to work. I think I even yelled out to my family “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” but there were 3 kids (8, 10 and 12) eagerly waiting for the 4th player so I had to do it, it was just a matter of getting onto that platform! With each passing minute, the kids got more and more confident that they would wipe the forest with me but they obviously haven’t learned about physics yet because this Mumma had mass behind her!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 24

Finally, I made it into position and the tug-o-war began. Two of the kids were eliminated, so it was just me and the 12 year old left. A top tip, is to wait until your opponent pulls on the rope and then release your end so the topple off backwards! I was crowned the victor, I was prouder than I should have been, but then had to jump off the platform for a freefall! It just so happens, that I still do exactly what my Mum tells me, so she counted me down. 1, 2, 3 …. JUMP GEORGINA! and off I jumped! My legs were shaking for a good 30 minutes after that, but I am really proud that I didn’t give up!

Kinglake Forest Adventures 23

We then went to our TeePee – which was decorated for Isaac and Georgina’s birthdays, and had a picnic lunch. The TeePee was such a great place to keep all of our belongings and we would all love one in our backyard! There are picnic tables as well, if you don’t want to hire a TeePee.

Kinglake Forest Adventures 9.jpg

After lunch, we spoke with the owners, Michelle and Colin about rebuilding after the 2009 Black Saturday bush fires, overcoming fears and the other activities visitors can do at Kinglake Forest Adventures.

Kinglake Forest Adventures 17.jpg

We can’t wait to go back and go biking through the forest (they have all the bikes there – from balance bikes for the little ones to mountain and electric bikes), as well as having another go at the treetop adventures! Colin has said we can’t go biking until we have run off the platform or have done a freefall! Challenge accepted!  

Kinglake Forest Adventures 19.jpg






We were so excited to be invited to go and see Operation Ouch! Live on Stage with Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand as we had heard amazing things about the show. We were not disappointed!

Operation Ouch.jpg
The show is so much fun, with audience interaction and clever explanations for the awesome way your body works, including your ears, heart, brain and eyes! We got to see first hand into Dr. Xand’s ear and how it moved when he held his nose and blew as well as Dr. Chris’s experiments to show how Dr. Xand’s pupil dilated with light.


Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand used a cows heart and artificial blood to show us how the blood goes through the heart chambers. Here’s a fun fact, the heart is the only organ that will still work (ie. blood will flow through and the valves still work) after it is removed from the body.

We also learned how we can stop illness spreading! Giant balls floating through the crowd showed how fast disease can be spread and what immunisation does to protect the community.

Most memorably, Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand spoke about their childhood and education experiences. Dr. Chris was a gifted student whilst Dr. Xand was labelled “dumb and naughty”, and they both spoke about how society likes to give people labels, but it’s up to the individual if you accept this label. A great lesson for young and old.

If you ever get the chance to see Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand then make sure you do, the show is a must for science loving kids (and their parents!). We promise you will learn something new and have fun learning it!