Wild Buggy – Review

If you haven’t been to Wild Buggy Driving Adventure Park then you need to put it on your list for the school holidays, or the weekend, or for birthday parties, or anytime really … just put it on your list of things to do!


Wild Buggy is a purpose-built adventure track in Melbourne where kids aged 5+ can take a drive on the wild side and conquer over 30 hardcore obstacles!

On arrival we were given a safety briefing and then fitted with hairnets and helmets before hitting the track!

Wild Buggy 5.jpg

Each non-licensed (5yr+) driver is accompanied by an instructor in a dual-control buggy to assist in turning, braking and acceleration and to guide them through the Wild Buggy track. The instructors are fantastic and fully engage with the kids – we know this because we had a GoPro in the buggy and we just loved watching the kids interacting with their instructor.


After the kids had their turns, Tim and I also went for a spin! All licensed drivers (P+) enjoy full control over their buggies whilst being accompanied by an instructor. Tim and I are daredevils (I wonder where the kids get it from?!) so we may have heard “slow up around this corner” just a few times!

Wild Buggy 6.jpg

We didn’t need to worry about our safety though, the Wild Buggy Tomcar is an Australian-manufactured vehicle that is in active military service today. They are built like a tank and designed to be parachuted out of a plane and survive! They are even able to drive on a 53 degree slanted wall and the purpose-built off-road track and obstacles are designed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the buggies!


We definitely took a ride on the wild side and we all cannot wait to return! Alegría and Isaac was living every little wild child’s dream and you couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces. They were beaming!


Please note: Wild Buggy is driving course only, with a small cafe and no extra activities located onsite. It’s the perfect place to start your adventurous day out!

Stay tuned for our Wild Buggy video! It will be released very soon!


Wild Buggy
433-453 Boundary Rd
Heatherton, VIC
P: 1300 945 328


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