We were so excited to be invited to go and see Operation Ouch! Live on Stage with Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand as we had heard amazing things about the show. We were not disappointed!

Operation Ouch.jpg
The show is so much fun, with audience interaction and clever explanations for the awesome way your body works, including your ears, heart, brain and eyes! We got to see first hand into Dr. Xand’s ear and how it moved when he held his nose and blew as well as Dr. Chris’s experiments to show how Dr. Xand’s pupil dilated with light.


Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand used a cows heart and artificial blood to show us how the blood goes through the heart chambers. Here’s a fun fact, the heart is the only organ that will still work (ie. blood will flow through and the valves still work) after it is removed from the body.

We also learned how we can stop illness spreading! Giant balls floating through the crowd showed how fast disease can be spread and what immunisation does to protect the community.

Most memorably, Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand spoke about their childhood and education experiences. Dr. Chris was a gifted student whilst Dr. Xand was labelled “dumb and naughty”, and they both spoke about how society likes to give people labels, but it’s up to the individual if you accept this label. A great lesson for young and old.

If you ever get the chance to see Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand then make sure you do, the show is a must for science loving kids (and their parents!). We promise you will learn something new and have fun learning it!




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