Do you love Kidding Around Australia as much as we do?

We are always on the lookout for exciting places to go and stay, new attractions or events and products that are designed for big kids, little kids and everyone that loves Kidding Around!

It is our aim to inspire our audience to create amazing lifelong bonds with their children by experiencing shared memories of fun, freedom, discovery, connection and adventure.

Our audience look to us as a trusted source of information and we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. It is for that reason that we only partner with businesses that we truly believe in and can maintain an extended relationship with. When writing our posts we will always disclose if our experience was paid, sponsored or if we are enjoying a free product, however, our opinion will always be unbiased.

Currently, we have established relationships with over 50 brands for “What’s On” and special focus campaigns. As we grow Kidding Around Australia, we will continue collaborating with key businesses to develop strong brand reputations with our engaged community.

Georgina is an efficient and motivated professional with extensive experience in education, local government, event management and recreation. She has two Bachelor Degrees in Sports Management and Journalism / Communication and has worked in large, corporate organisations specialising in marketing, sponsorship, training and major event project management. Georgina has excellent presentation skills and the proven ability to deliver projects in a timely manner and within budget.

To find out more about Georgina, Tim, Alegría and Isaac please read our ABOUT US page.

To discuss your digital / social media marketing strategy and how we can go Kidding Around Australia together as valued business partners please contact Georgina by email –

13 thoughts on “KIDDING AROUND WITH US

    1. Hi guys, wondering if you have a location for Tuesday’s and Fridays? If not, is this something you’re planning for in the near future? Cheers


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