Moonlite – An interview with inventor and founder Natalie Rebot.

Inspirational mum Natalie Rebot, who is the inventor and founder of Moonlite (a storybook projector that is powered by the flashlight of your mobile phone), just might be one of the nicest people we have interviewed at Kidding Around Australia!

Moonlite Creator Natalie Rebot and daughter Chloe KAA

Natalie took an idea that she had whilst reading to her daughter Chloe (pictured above) and created something that kid’s love (Isaac is all about his Moonlite!). She has now partnered with Spin Master to bring her invention to a worldwide audience and everyone from Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland and Rachel Zoe to parents everywhere are falling in love with Moonlite!

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales — Albert Einstein.

What is Moonlite?

Moonlight projector attached to phone

The Moonlite projector is portable, lightweight and easily clips to any IOS or android mobile phone (hello travelling families), that combines traditional storytelling with modern technology to create a completely new way of reading with your child before bed.  The Moonlite collection is presented in book style packaging that conveniently fits into any book shelf.

The free downloadable app (complete with sound effects, read-a-long features and page detection software that automatically turns the page on the screen when you turn the reel), allows parents to be present and enjoy the special nightly experience.

Moonlite creator Natalie Rebot, daughter Chloe and friend KAA

How did you go from idea to product production?

Natalie explains, “It took about six months to bring my idea to fruition and until I had the first protype in my hand. Then it was another four to five months before I launched the product on Kickstarter (a fundraising platform for creative projects). Every day Chloe and I

would eagerly watch the Kickstarter page – and to see people around the world donating funds as they believed in my product was simply overwhelming.”

In late 2017 Spin Master announced a global licensing partnership with Natalie to bring her popular Kickstarter campaign to life.


What advice do you have for potential entrepreneurial Mums?

 “Mums are some of the most creative people I know. They are the best people at multi-tasking and have such great ideas because they are around children all day, but they have a tendency to underestimate their own potential. So don’t have a great idea and not pursue it, take those first steps! Use your network and test it among your friends. Get a prototype made – technology now such as 3D printing allows you to get something made cheaply and once you have a prototype you need to find a fit for it. The hardest part is finding a market for it, but chances are if you think it’s a good idea other parents will too.”

How do you choose what stories you will add to the collection and what do you currently have available?

Moonlite Fairy Tales gift pack

“We work 18 months to 2 years in advance, so we are planning titles for two years from now.”, said Natalie. “In the beginning, I would read a story I loved and have to contact the writer, illustrator and publisher to get the license. Now, we have great relationships with the publishers however my daughter still has to give the tick of approval before we go ahead!”

Currently available in Australia is:

  • Moonlite Gift Pack Fair Tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Ugly Duckling, Sago Mini on Vacation) $59.99 (includes projector and five story reels) *Available exclusively at Kmart.
  • Moonlite Gift Pack Mr Men (go on Holiday, go Swimming, go to the Park, at Bedtime and Mr Tickle) $59.99 (includes projector and five story reels).
  • Moonlite Starter Pack – Eric Carle (Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider) $29.99 (includes projector and two story reels)
  • Moonlite Story Reel Tale of Peter Rabbit $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Spot Loves Bedtime $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Dinosaur Roar! $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Little Miss Princess $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Wherever You Go $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Goldilocks and the three bears$14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Mr Strong $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Jemima Puddle Duck $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Elmer and the Rainbow $14.99
  • Moonlite Story Reel Spot Loves Shopping $14.99

We can all agree that reading to your child is an important part of improving young children’s language, literacy, brain and cognitive development and Moonlite makes reading so much fun!


Moonlite is available in Kmart and all good retailers.


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