Bedhead Hats – Buy one and give one someone in need for free!

Spring has sprung and if you are anything like us, you will be heading outside more and more – yay!


We are extremely sun smart in the Kidding Around Australia house as both sides of our
family have had skin cancers removed, including me (Georgina). Australia has one of the
highest rates of skin cancer in the world and not everyone realises that sun exposure in the first 10 years of life plays a large part in determining your lifetime potential for skin cancer.


It’s for this reason that we are thrilled to be collaborating with Bedhead Hats who are
committed to helping parents instil sun safety habits in children by using the most
comfortable, high quality protective hat solutions on the market. All Bedhead Hats have UPF 50+ Excellent Protection rating, are made with resilient stretch cotton that grows with the child, the brim stays firm out of the child’s eye line and they are made to suit the hot Australian climate.


When Alegría tried on her hat, the first thing she commented on was that it didn’t flop in her face! It’s true. I’m not sure what they use, but it is not floppy! Alegría said that is super comfy and she loves it! Isaac loved the different designs and ultimately went with an outdoors inspired design which is perfect for our new Raising Nature Lovers School Holiday Program.

The head behind Bedhead Hats is 35-year- old mum of one, Richelle Ellis. Having a very out-doorsy newborn boy, Richelle desperately searched for a baby-friendly hat that provided optimum sun protection. All Richelle found was heavy, hot canvases, clashing prints and floppy brims that were either too big or uncomfortable for her baby. So, in 2011, Richelle launched Bedhead Hats to fill this gap in the market and deliver hats that were not only tested on the UPF protection of fabric, but also the size and angle of brim – while being cleverly designed to stay on small heads!


Richelle is not only a talented business woman, she is also passionate about philanthropic purpose. Richelle has started a new community initiative ‘Protect the Potential’ that will see Bedhead Hats give away $100,000 worth of hats to newborns in Australia including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

That’s something that we all should get involved with! From the 15th September 2017, for each order placed online at, a newborn hat will be gifted or donated. Customers have the choice to gift the hat to someone they know in need or donate to charity aiding disadvantaged mothers and babies (such as St Kilda Mums and Baby Give Back) simply by purchasing any product and selecting ‘GIFT’ or ‘DONATE’ at the cart screen to pass one on to a child in need. Amazing.


Bedhead Hats are pram and baby carrier friendly; soft around the neck, while providing sun and glare protection. RRP $26.95 – $34.95.


#bedheadhats #protectthepotential


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