Halloween Cake -An unBOOlievable Recipe!

Our unBOOlievable Halloween Cake is the ultimate centrepiece for your next Halloween party! Although this cake will steal the show, it’s really not that difficult to make. The cake itself is a two-layer mud cake, and the decorations are easy to make with the kids!



2 x mud cakes or chocolate cakes (you can make your own or buy them pre-made)

Orange frosting



Lindt Eye Balls


Ingredients: White Lindt Chocolate Balls, Red, Black and Green Writing Icing

Directions: Make squiggly lines from a centre point of the chocolate ball. Make a small circle of icing for the iris and a black pupil.

Pretzel Monsters


Ingredients: Pretzels, white and milk chocolate buttons, green M&M’s and black writing icing

Directions: Melt chocolate via instructions on the packet (be careful it burns easily). Dip pretzels into the chocolate and let set. With a little melted chocolate stick M&M’s to the pretzel for eyes and add a dot of icing to each one for pupils. You can also add scary mouths with the icing as well!

Kit Kat Fingers


Ingredients: Kit Kat (we used mint swirl), almonds and icing.

Directions: Break/cut Kit Kat’s into fingers and with some icing stick some almond fingernails on! Easy!

Tim Tam Tombstones


Ingredients: Tim Tams and Writing Icing

Directions: Using the writing icing, write RIP or draw crosses onto the end of a Tim Tam. You can draw just about anything that you wish!

Cherry Ripe Gates / Gravestones


Ingredients: Cherry Ripe and Cherry Ripe Bites

Directions: Cut the end of each Cherry Ripe on an angle (make sure you cut it from different corners so you don’t end up with everything on the same angle).

Various Lollies and Candy

We used Darrell Lea BB’s Chocolate Mint and Orange Balls, Reece Mixers, Nutella & GO! and Mini Oreos.

TO DECORATEconstruction

This is where you get to let your creative side take over! Start with pouring the orange frosting over the cake. You could then add some chocolate (ice magic or similar) drips down the side. Then place the bigger pieces on the cake and layer the decorations, finishing off with the little bits and pieces!


If, after all your hard work, you need a drink (or two) then the Carnival Cruise Tips blog has some Chilling Halloween Cocktails for you to try and for more decor inspiration then check out their Decorations To Die For (well not really die, but you know what we mean!!).

Happy Halloween!

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