Spooktastic Seas Blood Orange Ship Jelly (Jello) Cup Halloween Recipe

Are you hosting a Halloween themed party and want to create an easy menu item with your kids? Then these fun BLOOD ORANGE JELLY (JELLO) CUPS are the perfect way to get creative in the kitchen!

Follow our easy recipe to whip up these spooktastic ship cups in minutes!


Spooktastic Seas Blood Orange Ship Jelly Cup Halloween Recipe


1 box of blue jelly (we used Aeroplane Jelly in Blue Heaven flavour)
1 Blood orange or ruby grapefruit (any citrus fruit will work -but we like the red colour!)Lollipops (or suckers)

Other Items

Plastic cups
Long / short toothpicks
Card stock or stickers



Prepare the jelly following the instructions on the box and pour into small clear cups or glasses, filling the cups almost to the top. Let this set in the refrigerator for AT LEAST 4 hours.

To Decorate

Once the jelly has set, cut the blood orange into wedges. If you are using grapefruit or mandarins then you will need to peel your fruit and separate into segments.

We inserted a toothpick into the bottom of our lollipop and then pushed this though our blood orange wedge and then into the middle of our jelly cups.

Note: If you are making a sail instead of using a lollipop then stick a triangular “sail” to a toothpick “mast” and then insert this into the fruit and jelly.

These Spooktastic Seas Blood Orange Ship Jelly Cups are simple to make and perfect for your Halloween celebrations!

With nothing left to do but enjoy your jelly cups, you may want to plan some other tasty treats to dish out when the mini monsters come knocking.

A perfect place to start is https://cruisetips.carnival.com.au/carnival-fun/halloween/tricks-for-baking-the-tastiest-halloween-treats/ for tasty Halloween treats which are guaranteed to make your guests howl with delight!

Happy Halloween!

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