Top 4 Places to Propose in The Kimberley, Western Australia

Guest post by Jayde Ferguson

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If you’ve decided to pop the question to your significant other, choosing the ultimate setting to do it in is essential. A great proposal is all about setting the scene. The scene that’s right for the both of you. Whether it be an adventurous way to ask your boo, like through the adrenalin-fuelled activity of skydiving, or it be something more on the romantic side as the sun sets over your favourite beach, finding the ultimate place to propose can be just as challenging as picking the right ring!

Western Australia is home to some of the most stunning locations; and if you’re lucky enough to live here or have ventured over for a holiday, you’d understand why it’s home to some of the best proposal locations. Boasting the most beautiful beaches, ridiculously picture-perfect backdrops and mesmerising views, Broome and The Kimberley region is a gem of a spot. And with intimate hideaways to woo your loved one, setting the scene has never been so easy. Stuck on where to pop the question? Check out these places to propose:

1. Broome’s Cable BeachDepositphotos_23946815_l-2015

Broome’s Cable Beach is a romantic hot spot for very good reasons. Ideal for beach lovers or the sunset-enthusiast, Cable Beach is Australia’s pristine location without the crowd other beach locations tend to bring. Whether you and your loved one thrive on the ultimate sunset setting or you’re drawn to the magic of Broome with its famed pearls and picturesque coastal wonders, Cable Beach will offer that dreamy vibe.

If you’re wanting a romantic getaway here, consider Cable Beach Club Resort and Spar or Pearle on Cable Beach. For those that love the location but not a fan of sandy beaches, Gantheaume Point is the next best thing, where you can propose to your loved one on the rock cliff face overlooking the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or opt for a romantic camel back ride along the beach with your boo.

2. On The Kimberley Coast

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The Kimberley coastal stretch consists of a whole outback desert and isolated beach section with some of Western Australia’s best kept secrets. The rugged and remote beauty of the Kimberley coastline is easily one of Australia’s greatest assets, creating a truly romantic place to pop the big question to your significant other.

Think lounging on white sands, recharging in crystal clear blue waters and exploring some of the most breathtaking cliff walls and pools with your boo. Scenic proposals are becoming a huge thing in Australia, with many heading over to Bali and Thailand to bend on one knee with a tiny box in hand. Along the Kimberley coast, you can design the scene exactly how you want to – a secluded beach, on a sailboat or luxury cruise on the Kimberley coast, a romantic dinner under the stars or tucked away in a beautiful beach resort. Whatever way you decide on, the Kimberley coast is loaded with starry-eyed and adventurous possibilities.

3. In Front of the Staircase to the Moon

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Create a memorable experience for you and your future fiancé by proposing in front of Broome’s staircase to the moon. You may need to juggle some dates around if this one sounds like you and your loved one, as it’s a rare occasion that happens only 2-3 days a month between March and October. Get a full list of the dates here.

The natural phenomenon is caused when the rising of the full moon reflects off the low tide in such a way it creates an optical illusion of stairs reaching to the moon. Said to be one of the most awe-inspiring natural experiences, the staircase to the moon is unique to Australia’s North West region. And whilst it can certainly bring in a large crowd, it can also create a wonderfully idealistic setting to pop the big question.

4. Coconut Wells

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Located about half an hour drive North of Broome, Coconut Wells is an outcrop of rocks, jagged pinnacles and deep water wells that make for an inimitable proposal setting. The best way to really view this North West beauty is to go once the tide recedes. This is when the true exquisiteness of this location is revealed.

Coconut Wells, also known as Natures Last Resort, is completely submerged when the tide is high; so finding the best times to head here is crucial. Take a luxury cruise to the hideaway, stroll along Cable Beach or simply use the stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean to be the backdrop to the ultimate occasion.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Broome Kimberley & Beyond, offering a wide range of tours, day tours, scenic flights and romantic cruises in The Kimberley. With over 20 years’ experience living and travelling in the region they have unmatched local expert knowledge, working with the most trusted tour operators in the region, so you can count on them to give you reliable advice on the best cruise or tour for your taste and budget. You can catch her on Google+.



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