Oz Comic-Con

If you would like to do something today which will keep the kids busy and is guaranteed to provide you with lots of fun and people watching opportunities then the annual Oz Comic-Con convention at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre is just the thing!comic con5

Be warned though, there are so many people!! It’s a sensory explosion with colour, noise and crowds, so if that will be challenging for your child then perhaps give this one a miss!

Georgina Says … Get there early – the line to get your wristband is LOOOOONG!

comic con2

We dressed up as a family of Star Wars characters to join the spectacular Cosplayers and their amazing costumes.oz comicPayno dressed as Chewbacca was most definitely a hit and stole our thunder a little bit! It took him over an hour to walk from the front door to the back wall due to being stopped for hundreds (if not thousands) of photos. We were stopped as well, but not nearly as much! payno

comic con1

papThe effort put into costumes is impressive – our favourites were Mr. Fredricksen, Russell and Kevin from the Pixar movie “Up”, as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the “Robot”. comic con6oz comic con 1

For us, the peacefulness of the Family Activity Room was a welcome change. We left Payno to his fans and whilst I sat on a really comfy bean bag, the kids explored the play zone. There is an oversized chess game, connect four, colouring in and puzzles to keep the little ones entertained. comic con4

comic con 7.jpgFor those of you who like shopping, there are plenty of retail options. There are celebrity guests (which you could pay to get an autograph), workshops and Q&A panels. You can chill out and play a board or card game, play video games, laser tag and anime playing non-stop.oz comic concomic con3

Make sure that you have lots of change, as the lines for food are long and the food itself is very expensive. The vending machine seemed like a good choice but wouldn’t take notes so that left us with some hungry tummies. In hindsight, some sandwiches in the bag would have been a good idea!

Our first Oz Comic-Con experience was busy, and I would like to go out-of-costume so that we could explore completely. I am sure there is so much we missed!

I’ll finish this post, by saying we were on the Channel 9 news and also on the Daily Mail international website! A very exciting end of our day which I am sure we will be talking about it for years to come!3525A99300000578-0-image-a-7_1465639794466



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