Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic at the Werribee Park Mansion … The perfect place to go Kidding Around on Good Friday!

I remember as a child going to my Nanna and Grandpa’s house on Good Friday and watching the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal on TV. I loved it!

Now, I have children of my own (both of whom have had admissions to the Royal Children’s Hospital) the day has even more meaning.unnamed

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic is Australia’s biggest Easter egg hunt and the statistics are pretty impressive! This year, 8000 tickets were sold to the event (it SELLS OUT every year!) and $119,439.40 was raised. That takes the total to well over $1 million in the past 16 years!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic at Werribee Park Mansion this year – which was perfectly timed for both children to be able to participate in the egg hunts!

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Werribee Park

Children aged between three and 12 are allocated a time to join an Easter egg hunt in their age group. All hunts were timed and colour coded so that everyone knows where they are supposed to be. This year Cadbury gave out over 500,000 Easter eggs, yes, that’s right – half a million eggs!

Isaac was a bit overwhelmed by his hunt (maybe it was the pressure of the Channel 7 live cross which had us ringing the Grandparents to tune in – yes, they saw his little face!) and after collecting about 10 eggs he decided it was time to go home! After a bit of encouragement, he got his bucket about half full (parents are not allowed to help collect the eggs) and this was topped up by the lovely volunteers who want all kids to get similar amounts!

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 6.jpg

Despite this being Alegría’s first egg hunt, we must say that she is showing natural talent for the task! Her bucket was full to the brim (and so were her pockets – mental note, next year wear a skirt that can fit more than 3 eggs in each pocket!).
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2016 3

Alegría’s Egg Hunting Tips

  • Practice at home beforehand, it’s competitive in a fun-everyone-is-nice kind of way! Mum’s and Dad’s cheering on your kids from the sidelines is encouraged.
  • You can collect 100+ eggs if you are quick so look out for areas on the grass that have a high density of eggs – go straight for that area!
  • Use both hands and pick up more than one egg per time before putting them in your bucket.
  • Hold onto your bucket between your knees, you don’t want it to knock over!
  • If its a hot day, bring something to store your eggs in – otherwise they will melt!
  • Arrive at your egg hunt early and have fun!
Free activities included Easter arts and craft as well as good old-fashioned lawn games such as egg and spoon, sack and three-legged races. There are also amusement rides that are $5 per ride or $25 for unlimited rides – make sure you get your arm band/s early as the line was long!
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2016 1
The main stage has many shows running throughout the day, however, there is so much to see and do that the kids didn’t stand still to watch for more than a couple of minutes!
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2016 2

Georgina’s Tips

  • If you want to go next year, keep an eye on our website about a month before as tickets SELL OUT!
  • Bring cash with you as the raffle ticket sales, food and entertainment options operate on a cash only basis.
  • Get there early – families take marquees, picnic rugs, chairs, esky’s etc. and make a day of it! They even use little wagons to get all their gear in – so arrive early if you want a view of the stage (however, this is close to the amusement rides so if you want to avoid being pestered all day to go on them, my tip is to head up the back near the lawn games!)
  • Pack hats and sunscreen, there is not a lot of shade.
  • Take your own food and drinks (you can BYO alcohol if you want!).
  • Cadbury have Easter eggs on sale (and they are reasonably priced) but if you want a bargain then wait until about 3pm when they try and get rid of them all!

All proceeds from the day go directly to the Good Friday Appeal which benefits children and families at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

This is such a fun, family day out! Your family (and friends) will love it and you will be planning next year before you know it! Make sure that you ‘give that they may grow’ by making a donation to the Good Friday Appeal on the day as well.

good friday appeal
Image: Good Friday Appeal



When: Good Friday 9.30am – 3.00pm
Where: Werribee Mansion, K Road, Werribee, VIC, 3030

Cost: $15 per ticket. Children 2 and under are FREE. Rides cost $5 per person or unlimited rides for a $25.


For more ways you can get involved with fundraising, please visit the Good Friday Appeal website.

Please note all details quoted are correct at the time of publishing. All details are subject to change without notice and Kidding Around Australia takes no responsibility for information contained in this post. Please check the appropriate website to ensure that information is still correct and current.


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