Kidding Around … Jurassic Creatures, featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice

If you are looking for a roar-some adventure for your dinosaur mad kids, then look no further than Jurassic Creatures, featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice which is currently on at Harbour Town in Melbourne!

We attended the opening 2.5 hour session as guests of Jurassic Creatures, featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice and even though the line looked long, it moved quickly and before we knew it we walked through the dinosaur’s mouth and into the big top.

Jurassic Creatures 2

Tip #1: Arrive 20-30mins early so you don’t end up at the back of the line!

Jurassic Creatures 1

Entering the big top is like being hit in the face by a sensory explosion! If you have kids that are sensitive to lots of lights, music, movement and activity then perhaps this isn’t the event for you. The Kidding Around Australia kids who don’t always love lots of people or sounds were fine and were not scared by the experience at all.

jurassic creatures 18

Tip #2: Instead of joining the crowd in the main tent, turn right past the merchandise stand and head out to the rides. It will be much quieter outside and you won’t have to wait to go on the rides.

There are 3 rides outside- spinning tea cups, a pirate ship and a small train. These are not rides for older kids – infact, I would suggest that this area is targeted at under 8’s. Isaac (who is 3) was able to go on all these rides without an adult to go with him. All of the rides are included in the ticket cost and kids can go on them as many times as they want.

Jurassic Creatures 10

Jurassic Creatures 11

jurassic creatures 17

Tip #3: Aim for a 1:1 child – adult ratio, especially for under 3’s. There is a lot of people and kids going in different directions, so you will help your sanity if you only have to have eyes on one child.

Inside, there were rows of the most infamous prehistoric animals including snow covered polar bears, penguins and colossal Mammoths, fearsome Saber Tooth Tigers, a massive selection of dinosaurs and, of course, everyone’s favourite the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jurassic Creatures 14

Jurassic Creatures 13

Jurassic Creatures 3

Activities included a timed jumping castle and ‘Egg Chipping’ where kids could become a Paleontologist. Children were provided with an expert digger outfit and a plaster egg with a fossil in it. The kids all went to work to unearth their very own dinosaur fossil – some were more careful than others!

Jurassic Creatures 4

Jurassic Creatures 5

The kids also loved making a sand picture and doing some colouring in. The kinetic sandpit left us with sand and colour on our hands (not ideal – so pack some wipes as there are no toilets on site).

Jurassic Creatures 9

Jurassic Creatures 12

Tip #4: There are no toilets on site – you have to leave (get a stamp on your hand) and go about 25m to the toilets at Harbour Town.

For a bit of fun, children can get their photos taken in a giant egg or whilst riding a triceratops!

Jurassic Creatures 15

And if all of this wasn’t enough, Buddy & Tiny from The Dinosaur Train star in their very own stage show! The show is on twice during the 2.5 hours (the times are not advertised which is a pain, but I estimate that they are on half an hour after the start time of your session and an hour after that) and the first show was packed. The second show wasn’t busy at all so don’t worry if you can’t get a seat for the first session. The show didn’t hold the kids attention as there was still lots going on around them and they wanted to get out and amongst it all, but they do a meet and greet after the show if you want to get a photograph.

Jurassic Creatures 16

Tip #5: Bring some small change for food, amusement games and merchandise stand.

Both Alegría and Isaac were given $5 each to play one game. We didn’t buy anything from the merchandise stand (it stocked everything from books to toys and games), however, we got a cup of hot chips for $4 from the on-site café to eat whilst we watched The Dinosaur Train show. As the event is at Harbour Town there are many options for a meal either before or after your session.

Jurassic Creatures 7

So, is it worth your hard earned dollars? At $105 per family, it’s not a cheap 2.5 hour event. However, if your kids are dinosaur mad then you will get your money’s worth! Alegría asked on the way home when we were going again (a good sign!) and Isaac has been talking about the “Dinosaur show” since Saturday (another good sign!) so they definitely gave it a thumbs up!

Jurassic Creatures 5


What: Jurassic Creatures featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice Age

When: 12 March 2016 – 17 April 2016

Where: Harbour Town Docklands, 440 Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008

Cost: Adults $32; Children $22; Under 2’s FREE; Concession $26; Family Pass (2 Adults & 2 Children) $105

Purchase Tickets Here: h&aid=2196573&user_input=jurass&q=Jurassic+Creatures+featuring+Pre historic+Creatures+of+the+Ice




Please note all details quoted are correct at the time of publishing. All details are subject to change without notice and Kidding Around Australia takes no responsibility for information contained in this post. Please check the appropriate website to ensure that information is still correct and current.


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