Random Acts of Kid-ness … Wheel of Brisbane

We were so happy to hear about a Home Schooling group in Queensland who enjoy reading our posts! They are always looking for fun and educational things to try so we put our thinking caps on and came up with a Random Acts of Kid-ness that ticks all the boxes.

wheel of bris

We have a great relationship with The Wheel of Brisbane and they have generously given us two Wheel of Brisbane Ambassador Exclusive Cabin Passes for the Home Schooling kids! Not only can the kids have a great time, they can also study engineering, geography and meteorology!

I spoke with one of the parents, Katrina, who said that they all met through Homeschool Facebook Groups, as there are a huge number of groups on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. The children still study all the same areas of the National Curriculum however they can also do external classes such as Art, Drama, Photography, Robotics/ Electronics, and Aboriginal culture from Gold Coast elders in sessions about their Art, culture and land.  There are a variety of reasons parents choose to home school their children. Some have been verbally and physically bullied at school, others have special needs and do not receive the help that they need to fit into and cope in a regular classroom setting, some children do not have special needs but may have some learning difficulties and other children have never been to a traditional school because the parents believe they can provide a better learning environment at home. From my perspective, home schooling my son has made him happier, more confident and independent. He’s thriving.”

The Wheel of Brisbane is recognised as one of the most exciting additions to the Brisbane City Skyline. With breathtaking views across the iconic Brisbane River, this must see attraction provides something for everyone, young or old, tourist or local and is a “must do” for anyone in Brisbane. All gondolas are fully enclosed and air-conditioned and seat up to 6 adults and 2 children in safety and comfort, except for the VIP gondola which seats up to 4 adults.

The Wheel of Brisbane is located in the Parklands at South Bank in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural, lifestyle and entertainment district. Cultural Forecourt, The Parklands, South Bank, Brisbane.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience kids – have a fantastic time!


Website: www.thewheelofbrisbane.com.au

Phone: 07 3844 3464


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