Last chance to Enter … Octonauts Prize Pack Giveaway


What a day it has been! I managed to lock myself out of the house this morning thereby making it impossible to get Alegría to kindergarten and Isaac to swimming lessons on time. I had to wait in the cold for 35 minutes for a spare set of house keys to be delivered (got to love family that get you out of a bind), I then get the kids piled in the car only to discover halfway there that Alegría has left her lunch on the front lawn and has decided to pull out her ponytail which I had strategically placed to hide the fact that I hadn’t brushed her hair … so after piling her hair back into a pony/bun that wasn’t fooling anyone, Alegría was safely delivered to kinder and Isaac and I made the last 10 minutes of his lesson for which he screamed the whole time. Little man loves the pool, dislikes lessons! Back home to grab the lunch off the lawn, deliver that and back for Isaac’s nap which he is now resisting…. seriously. one. of. those. days.

But, I digress.

If you haven’t entered our Octonauts competition you have until 5pm AEST to do so by clicking HERE and filling out the form.

Good Luck and I hope your day is going smoothly!

– Georgina

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