Kidding Around Australia … A change is as good as a holiday!


We have been up and running for over 7 months now, and we are so happy with the online community that has embraced us and the brands that we have worked with. It really has exceeded all of our expectations!

Although we are really happy with how things are going, I feel the need to fess up! I (Georgina) write most of the content for Kidding Around Australia and, whilst Tim (and the kids) definitely have input into content, it is my word-smithery (yes, I made that word up!) skills that you read and it is me that the brands work with directly.

I have been thinking about the direction of the website a lot lately, and what I want to achieve when I write. Our number one goal when we started was to inspire our readers to get out and enjoy spending time with the children in their life. We also wanted to make it easier for you by giving a first-hand review and providing you with a realistic idea of what to expect (from all of our points of view) and some hints and tips to make your visit or holiday easier.

After reading our reviews, I know many of you have visited attractions that you didn’t know existed or that you hadn’t visited since your childhood. This makes me so happy! I will be revisiting my childhood this week when we visit the Fairy Park in Anakie – I’m very excited to see what it is like all these years later!

That being said, I feel our site is missing some soul. A glimpse into our real lives – not just the fun and awesome stuff that we are very privileged to do. The truth is, often Kidding Around Australia is stressful. Everyone has meltdowns and sometimes we wish we had just stayed home! So from now on I promise to keep it real.

Whilst we will be giving more of ourselves, this is still a public forum so we will continue to keep Alegría and Isaac’s faces hidden in our photos. This may change in the future, but they are still very young and we just want to protect them. On the upside, you can expect to see more photos of Tim and I – aren’t you the lucky ones!!

As a family, we love to give back and to support different causes. I have been sponsoring the same child for 21 years through ChildFund and Ojok is definitely part of our family. He is currently studying to be a Doctor in Uganda and we are so proud of him! A portion of our income from this website will go directly to Ojok to help him with his university fees. If you would like to help too please email us at for more information.

In addition to this, we also want to support you – our online community. We will be working with a variety of brands to bring to you our monthly “Random Acts of Kid-ness”. If you know someone or a family who could do with a day or night out, a pamper session, some new toys (really the possibilities will be endless!) please let us know. We be uploading an online form to fill out if you want to nominate someone, but in the mean time email us at and put Random Act of Kid-ness in the subject title. We are really excited to add this feature to our website!

We are looking forward to growing Kidding Around Australia and adding extra content (like some of pretty fantastic competitions) to our reviews and sponsored posts. I would love to hear what you would like to read and see on our site as well. So, pull up a virtual chair and let’s talk. I’m listening.

We love your comments - they make us happy!

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